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こんにちはみんな大歓迎です!錬金術は、アニメのように感じるアンドロイド上の愛らしい日本のRPGゲームです。このゲームは、クエストを行うときに日本語の吹き替えがあるので、ストーリーをフォローした …


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  1. I decide to keep active my channel after i quit iruna online i don't update any iruna video for now i'm sorry, but right now i'm trying to play Alchemia story. I've been playing this game for less than 2 months i still new in this game and this is my review about this game hope you like it 🙂

  2. I like the review. this game is so fantastic. but only one thing on this game i dislike. it's hard to find gem(philosofer stone) in here

  3. I just played the game for 4 weeks, and man, the grinding experience is… interesting, but at least there's croquette to give 2x EXP. Give me a lot of potatoes!

    Right now, all of my jobs (1 & 2) are on level 40, so the next thing I need to do is max all rank 1 jobs.

    Which class/job is your favourite?

  4. It's nice to see you update your channel sensei 🙂 good game with smooth graphic! So many features inside the game i want to try this game

  5. Welcome back masta! Im glad to see ur video again even tho its not iruna anymore °^° the game look good and smooth.im kind of interested to play alchemia o.o I wish we can ride our pet in iruna just like in this video.it will be so interesting tho xD

  6. Son, after Iruna, you're gonna dominate Alchemia Story next? 😂 It's a good video, though!

  7. Wew banyak perlu di jelasin tentang ini game karna fiture terbilang banyak ,xD

  8. I did play Alchemia a lot but now I'm focused on studying so, maybe when I´m done this year I'll play more, Maybe one day we can play together

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