Is Minecraft 1.16 Over?


Ahh the nether update, one of the best Minecraft updates of all time. The nether update has been the main “thing” in the community really since September 28th, …



  1. i hope it’s done. i just want it to be finalized so everything mod, texture packs, ect. can be finalized

  2. 1.13 update aquatic/ last update for Xbox 360, ps3, and others!
    1.14 the village and pillage update/ my favorite update
    1.15 idk what it is
    1.16 nether update/ also my favorite update
    1.17 unknown

  3. They should have a raid for the nether. Kill two piglin brutes they will both drop 3 pieces of gold and craft the little gold item on their arm (3 in middle and right craft side). If you craft itand keep in your inventory and go into a another bastion it will let ypu in without being attacked. If you go into a nether fortress a raid will start but it will be piglins not illagers. They will kill you and the wither skeletons maybe even some blazes also if this happens wither skeletons should have a 00000000.1 percent of spawning a wither in a raid.

  4. I want everything in the minecraft 1.17 update!😂 Just cause in quarantine every time i play minecraft i feel like im adventuring the world. I want them to add a cave uptade, new crops, animals and furniture and biomes ofcourse!😁

  5. I miss resetting the nether on the 360 or having a choice between autosave and manual save sucks we can't update our old worlds with the new update either or modding on console .

  6. And now 1.16.3 will be released pretty quickly (a pretty easy duping glitch has been discovered, see latest Rays Works video about it)

  7. We all know that the Cave Update isn’t coming any time soon, because Microsoft has done a terrible job at keeping the Minecraft community happy.

  8. I wish we got nether specific boss. We have the wither for the over world, the Ender dragon for the end, but where’s the nether boss? Maybe a Piglin boss, a higher member in the social class, even above the Piglin brute. I wouldn’t mind if it were in the bastion, as it would probably be best there, but it’d be cool if there was an entire new structure just for this guy. Just my thought though.

  9. " is 1.16 upfate over well the answer is simple but lets drag the video anyways So what i mean by over"… a normal human being would think the obvious that theres gonna be a focus for 1.17… " theres no gonna be 1.16.3 or .4 etc" u really wanna drag the video dont u wattles

  10. Hhh
    Isn't it sideways chains and putting (oh god I forgot what they were called-) in water on bedrock too? Because I tried doing it ._….

  11. Wattles is an absolute hacker
    i actually have two channels

    Sooryy if people find this situation to be common.. 😞 I thought I'd share this tho

  12. Villagers could build for you , you design in creative mode and save it as a blueprint . In survival server/mode you have to capture villagers or earn their trust and then you can tell them to collect materials and build the project for you .
    Of course depending on the magnitude or scale of the project it will take longer for them to complete it also you have to protect them while they collect / build by assigning mob guards or you could protect them yourself .
    Also there could be a villager who locate resources so you can send a expedition to collect resources /clean the area of hostile mobs/ set up a colony / set up a rock quarry /etc and come back to the location you desire .

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