New Mob? What if Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update had Gostlins.


He is soo frekin’ cute… and spooky.. and scary… Today we identify a few major issues with the Nether Update and propose how we can solve them by …



  1. This is trully great game desing. A good solution for a technical problem, with a cool story behind it that blends in perfectly with the theme.
    I wonder where Gnembon work…

  2. Try using render distance 2. Most of the ghasts will be unloaded and much of the spawning spaces that are loaded are within 16 blocks of the player and will not spawn.
    It also reduces rendering lag.

  3. In order to stop the soul sand valleys from becoming dotted with patches of sand and dirt, soul-ness should regrow like grass, spreading from soulsand or soulsoil, so sand and dirt.

  4. I wish they'd remove the skeletons from the soul sand valley biome!
    And also, may I suggest a centipede like creature, half a block high, two blocks long, and one block wide. They could be neutral, unless you attack one, and then just the one you attacked would defend itself. I also thought it would be cool to give them very fast speed, and also have them 'stand up' on their hind legs, becoming 1.5 to 2 blocks tall. They'd scamper around and then stop, stand up and look around, and then scamper off again; I think this would be great for ambiance in the biome. I also thought that they could live off tiny shoots of nether wart that would be growing in the soul soil, and if a player fed them nether wart then they could become a pet much like a dog or cat. I also thought it would be cool if you fed them different things like Crimson Fungus, or Warped Fungus, or maybe even Chorus fruit or Ender pearls, that they would change their appearance and gain new abilities. For example if you fed one a Crimson Fungus, it grow almost twice as big, parts of it's body would turn bright orange, and it would go berserk on any player or mob that was nearby; and also it would explode in like 20 seconds. Plus it would become afraid of the Warped Fungus, so you could plant one of these and then set off a centipede on your rivals. With the Chorus fruit and the ender pearls I was thinking it would be neat if the centipede could teleport a short distance(maybe randomly or maybe toward it's enemies). I've also been thinking that maybe it could poop out droppings that could be collected and turned into new blocks, depending on what you feed it; this would certainly make an interesting farm. Kind of like a Piglin farm only instead of gold you feed them say ender pearls and then you get droppings that you can form into a block that maybe has a texture similar to that of an ender pearl, or whatever.

  5. could someone with a Microsoft account PLEASE post this in the Minecraft suggestions box with a link to the video and the points he makes to why it should be added? I've tried but i don't have a Microsoft account and idrk how to get in else wise.

  6. I love this idea. I really wish they added this because skeletons keep shooting my butt in the soul sand valleys.

    also they could or should have some lore or use against or for Vexes.

  7. I'd love this mob purely for the reason of its resemblance of just being dead in general it would be fantastic for haunted mansions or grave yards or anywhere that is meant to be dead but the idea of complicating the torch idea by using Souls and a Torch is a bit far fetched I love the idea but I'm sure Mojang would be concerned for well everyone knows, younger audience. Even soul sand in general is pushing the boundaries of being okay with literal faces screaming but either way I love the new mob I feel like it would tie the whole biome together to give it more reason to be there rather than just the home of Ghasts.

  8. The soul will thank u for freeing them and the corrupted soul sand and soil will return back to normal
    Is that right?

  9. I really like it but I would prefer if they where closer to the ground almost just a head and the texture for the soul doesn’t suit

  10. Great idea but I think its incredibly rare for any game developer to ever implement ideas of this type. It just doesn't happen and if it does it's too infrequent to recall

  11. The way it is now, SoulSand Valleys are pretty much a guaranteed death sentence if you aren't already end-game level. I really hope they do something before it gets released.

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