I Built A Tiny Minecraft School FOR MY KIDS!


I got to become the Minecraft Teacher in Minecraft School! …I have no idea how to run this class, at least nothing bad can happen! Become a super awesome …



  1. Wow, Aphmau! You had to empty your whole inventory because it violated the sharps and fire restriction enforced by the school? [proceeds to laugh hysterically]

  2. Um Aphmau I thank from the start you say angry you are going to have to learn again and again OK Miss Aphmau

  3. This is so inspirational and I love when I set a school on fire while playing minecraft, I’m glad you made this tutorial on how to set chrildren and also schools on fire. Thank you for this 🗿

  4. Hey aphmau I was wondering if I could meet you your my favorite Minecraft person can you meet me in Minecraft plss🥺🥺🥺

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