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月曜日, 3月 1, 2021

Minecraft – Windmill [669]

Welcome to my Let’s Play of Minecraft in my Lovely World. In this episode, I finish building my windmill. Twitter – @stampylongnose Instagram …


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  1. Hi Stampy I love your videos so much I think that you should bikes a Christmas tree 🎄 🐬🕊️🦌🐿️🐠🐟🐫🐪🦒🦏🐘🦘🌹🌷🌺🌸🍀🏞️🌄🏔️🌅🌌🌉🌆🌃🐶🐺🐰🦊🦝🐗🦓🦄🐴🦎🦕🐕🐁🐀🐇🐆🐎🐅🦏🦢🐧 🦠bee cefule stampy

  2. I'm so glad fizzy made stampy sit down barnary, if that dog died I would cry. Legit I would cry.

    I actually cant remeber the last time one of the dogs died..

  3. From looking at the comments, I'm assuming hit the target is gone now.. Aw..
    I remember hit the target stealing one of stampy's cats ( i think- ) NOSTOLGIIAAAA

  4. I was just about to comment: “Will Stampy ever get Netherite? And then I remembered Hit The Target bc i was watching his og vids

  5. I have been watching for 2 years and that might be the most huh weird and in a way nice peace ✌🏿

  6. You have a big Ben I just saw that in the background what the hell did you make that that’s insane

  7. I just started watching you and I already subscribed and my brother started watching you when he was 4 and he is 7 now

  8. I can’t a literally can’t, I honestly just stopped watching his videos and I thought he had stopped posting!, when I heard about that fact he has been posting, a wave of happiness came over me!

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