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火曜日, 5月 18, 2021

Minecraft RAFT But There IS ONLY ONE BLOCK!

In this one raft survival, my friends and I must survive this Ocean Minecraft Server! Become a super awesome YouTube Member!


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  1. Hi Aphmau I like your Channel so much for the day sometimes you make me happy so much and my friend they see you in the YouTube so much they like it bye Aphmau

  2. Ein( actualy its pig ) : Humans won't eat Humans
    Puppy ( baby chicken ) : *die then die in heaven

  3. I love your YouTube videos and you are the best and I hope you make a among us video but just a normal one

  4. Z%


  5. I am getting adds before the video starts from mobile minecraft I wanne download it and I have to wait till this add is over and it takes I feel 10 minutes

    Edit: OMG it came 1 second and I missed it

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