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土曜日, 1月 23, 2021

PS4「英雄伝説 創の軌跡」デモムービー

2020年8月27日発売予定の「軌跡」シリーズ最新作、 PS4「英雄伝説 創の軌跡(はじまりのきせき)」のデモムービーを公開! パッケージ版『通常版』と限定版の『Platinum …


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  1. PS4の移植版がボリューム薄っぺらいのでがっかりディスク3枚組でPCのボリュームを素直に移せよヽ(`Д´)ノプンプン

  2. 白き魔女と紅い雫のPC版

  3. Cルートよかったですよ。テキスト。ええシナリオライターやなって思いました🙌

  4. So this debunks the two most popular theories of the new C's true identity, he's not Crow and he's not Rufus so who the hell is he? It's going to be really hard to avoid being spoiled until the game is translated.

    When they said over 50 playable characters, the players party was Arios Maclaine, Aurelia Le Guin, Victor Arsaid, Vita Clotilde, Crimson Roselia, and Toby. Nani the fuck!? The only thing that really matters though is that Towa is playable again.

    Also I'm pretty sure there was a watermelon smashing minigame in there at one point.

  5. I am in United States. I am getting it imported with express delivery and hopefully I get it before labor day weekend (First weekend of September), and planning on taking 1.5 weeks off from work. I did 140 hours in 8 days in trail of cold steel 4…

  6. このゲーム予約したよ。

  7. Ok i get the SSS and Class VII has some unfinished business, but what does this have to do Estelle and them?

  8. cがノーマルエンドのクロウで最後に出たのがノーマルエンドのリンかな、

  9. くっそう、これをやるためにあまり興味のない閃の3分作をやらないといけなくなる…

  10. クロスベル組大集合のSクラ嬉しい…嬉しいけどダドリーさんなんでいないんや…

  11. ここ一月くらいで閃の軌跡を1から4まで一気にプレイし終わって、熱が冷める前に新作が来るとは…

  12. What will happened with rean's romance option, i mean at the end of IV you select a partner for rean

  13. C… I wonder Vita Crochiruda….. She is not sword person but with her natural ability I can't rule anything out…. Casius Bright or Prince Cedrick is distant possibility…

  14. Please don´t forget about your other fans, falcom.
    Greetings and love from germany.

  15. You know at the start I hated the fact they they split cold steel and crosbell into one game seeming I only got to play cold steel but thanks to the great fansubs bringing us crossbel arc im not really happy that they are in the game too

  16. 英雄伝説は全部やってきたけど、早くやりてー。蒼のかいとゼロのかいはもういいかな、エブォでも、pspでもやったしやる力がそのかわりに空のfcエブォやって待ってる。

  17. Huh, i just hope NIS or Xseed willing to take this project for making it english version 😔😔😔 my weakiling ass doesnt have any ability to learn japanesse in a blink

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